As a local Slidell nursery, some of our most popular tree species include St. Tammany parish natives such as crepe myrtles, oaks, hollies, and magnolias. However, we can get in just about anything your yard desires!

Trees of Various Sizes

Our trees range in size from 3-gallon containers all the way up to 25-gallon options. We make sure that we carry a variety of trees from citrus to shade and flowering selections. Our trees are of the highest standards and are ready to have a new home at your place!

As certified arborists, we love and care for trees! We carry a wide variety of trees year-round, and we always have something that is sure to look good in your yard or garden!

Balled & Burlapped

Did you know that we also offer B&B trees? B&B means Balled and Burlapped and refers to the fact that the tree was not grown in a container, rather it is a field-grown tree that was dug up with its root ball and wrapped in burlap. Oftentimes, B&B tree offerings are larger than a majority of their container-grown counterparts. However, even in the most carefully executed process of digging up a B&B tree, there is damage to the root structure so it sometimes causes a couple of years after transplant for the tree to begin growing vigorously again. 

We've been doing this since the 1960's so rest assured in knowing that we've got the expertise to assist with your gardening project.
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