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About Garden Spot Nursery

Garden Spot Nursery originated in Boutte, Louisiana as a vision of Mrs. Margaret Parr, (Mae). The business opened on the front property of the family’s 4 acre home in the late 1960’s.  At that time Mr. Louis Parr was employed with South Central Bell and their five children were primed for success.

The business, then as well as now, was opened seven days a week.  Plants came in tin can canisters instead of plastic pots and peat moss was used as a medium in soil, delivered on semi-trucks, frozen in cube shaped bales, from Canada.

We now are in our third generation with our fourth in training! Owned and operated by David and Kathleen, with their son and daughter-in-law, David Jr. and Jennifer Parr, Garden Spot Nursery, Inc. is a full service garden center and landscape company.  Now located in Slidell, Louisiana on 3.7 acres of property.

With dedication to maintaining living plants coupled with hard labor and resilience to the harsh conditions of the scorching heat and cold winters; seven days a week, eight to ten hour days, times 365 days of year, is not for the faint of heart.

To our loyal patrons, dedicated staff and the Parr family second generation siblings who have tirelessly labored and treasured the gift of botanical beauty, we thank you for the Fifty years of blissful success Garden Spot Nursery, Inc. has attained. We look forward to seeing what the future brings!

Love being there, always so beautiful, with such nice people.  Never fails to provide a wonderful shopping experience.

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