As you may know, houseplant is a broad defining term for plants typically grown indoors or in a setting such as a covered patio. These species are usually known for their year-round growing and ability to thrive with a reduced amount of sunlight. Commonly, they are of tropical and subtropical origins and can be displayed for decorative purposes as well as assisting in air quality control.

Slidell, LA Houseplants

We maintain a large variety of houseplants at Garden Spot Nursery as our inventory is ever changing.

Common Types of Houseplants:

PIxie plants are very popular houseplants. Our inventory ranges from 2 inch sizes on up.

Indoor palms are very popular.

Fiddle leaf figs are also a popular indoor houseplant that typically stands roughle 6-7 foot tall.

A few other types of common houseplants that we stock are cactus and succulents.

Bonsai trees are also popular as we stock Bonsai starters as well.

Indoor plants can help remove air pollution and allergens.
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Examples include: Petunias, Alyssum, Mari Golds and more. GSN grows roughly 80% of our annuals.

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