GSN grows around 80% of all of our perennials in house. Perennials vary from annuals in that they have a life cycle of two-years or longer. Their life span can range from just a few years such as delphiniums and hyacinths to record-setting 100-year-old peonies.

Slidell, LA Perennial Plants

You can be assured you are getting some of the best quality plants around from Garden Spot Nursery. Our inventory of perennials includes containers ranging from 4-inches up to a gallon. Popular options include daylilies, sweet potato vines, lantana, and milkweed.

About Perennials:

You can expect most perennials to die back in the winter but reappear in the spring for the lifespan of the plant. Perennials typically require more work in that they oftentimes need to be dug up and divided regularly as well as performing deadheading (removing the spent or dead flowers) to promote the continued growth of the plant. However, they can provide a more economical option over annuals in the long run since they don’t have to be replaced each year.

Nearly all forest plants are perennials.
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Examples include: Petunias, Alyssum, Mari Golds and more. GSN grows roughly 80% of our annuals.

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