The Garden Spot Nursery has the largest inventory and selection of pottery on the Northshore! Our pottery ranges from 3-inch pots all the way to pots measuring 24-inches in diameter. We carry terracotta and glazed designs to suit any decor or theme. Our selection provides options for both outdoor and indoor needs, and the wide variety of styles ensure that we have pots that will work for you!

Largest Pottery Selection on the Northshore

Are Your Growing Bonsai?

We have all the supplies you need! From pots to wire and specialized bonsai soil, we are the specialty provider in the Slidell area. Looking for a great gift? Come in today and our expertly skilled and extremely friendly staff can help you pick out a great plant and pot combo for the perfect gift for any occasion.

Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions, dating back to before the Neolithic period.
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Examples include: Petunias, Alyssum, Mari Golds and more. GSN grows roughly 80% of our annuals.

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